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My Great Greenhouse

Greenhouse anchoring kit to a concrete base for Raindrop MD10

Greenhouse anchoring kit to a concrete base for Raindrop MD10

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The kit includes anchors and plates for attaching to the base of the greenhouse.


  • the body of the anchor is made by cold forming, which ensures high strength and precision of the product;
  • the threadless part on the anchor head avoids damage to the threaded part when driving the anchor into the hole;
  • the smooth conical part reduces the friction of the cuff on the anchor body, which guarantees a high-quality installation;
  • the particular shape of the three-segment spacer sleeve provides strong adhesion to the walls of the hole;
  • rounding of the end of the anchor makes it easy to hammer it in, even with the push-through installation of wooden structures;
  • hot-dip galvanized wedge anchors have a coating thickness of more than 45 microns and a collar made of corrosion-resistant steel A2.


Drill a hole of the required diameter and depth.

Clean the drilled hole.

Drive the anchor into the hole.

Tighten the anchor with a torque wrench to the correct torque.


Wedge anchor (anchor bolt) for fastening the greenhouse frame to a concrete base, designed for push-through installation directly through the material to be attached. 

Material - Galvanized steel

Anchor fasteners

Outside diameter 5/16 (8 mm)

Length 5 29/32 (150 mm)

Wedge anchor 5/16 "x 6"

Maximum thickness of the attached material 3 5/32 (80 mm)

Wrench size 17/32 (13 mm)

Installation options

Hole in attachment material 3/64 (9 mm)

Drilling diameter 5/16 (8 mm)

Min. hole depth 2 23/64 (60 mm)

Nominal anchorage depth 1 31/32 (50 mm)

Sufficient anchorage depth 1 49/64 (45 mm)

Tightening torque 20 Nm


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