The high-density cellular polycarbonate that we offer is made from first-class raw materials. It has the best characteristics that surpass the nearest analogs. Strengthening viscosity modifiers in combination with an increased number of stiffening ribs of 50 pieces and the highest density provide our polycarbonate sheets with up to 2 times higher resistance against hail than other manufacturers' analogs. In turn, the massive specific weight guarantees the panels a right margin of safety and allows them to withstand significant snow loads.

All the sheets have triple protection against the penetrating effects of harmful ultraviolet rays - an additional 1.5% of UV stabilizer to the mass of the material and enhanced UV protection of 50 microns on both sides of the sheet. These parameters exceed the characteristics of other polycarbonate brands, and two sides protection from ultraviolet radiation provides the sheets with the highest degree of weather resistance. 

Distinctive characteristics

Reinforced. Premium quality material. It has the best strength characteristics in its class. High panel density.

Hail-resistant. Resistant to hail, withstands destructive impact energies up to 1.691 Joules. It easily withstands snow.

Weatherproof. Has triple UV stabilization, increased UV resistance. Absolute protection against penetrating UV rays.

Harmless. Does not contain hazardous substances, utterly harmless to health. Has an ecological certificate of conformity.

Flame retardant. It is a flame-resistant, self-extinguishing material. The most durable polycarbonate.

Long-lasting. Has long-service life - 10 years warranty.